Patty Jenkins Close to Closing Historic Wonder Woman 2 Deal

Patty Jenkins Close to Closing Historic Wonder Woman 2 Deal

But even with Wonder Woman shattering records left and right, there was still a question as to whether or not Jenkins would return to helm the film's sequel.

It's all down to two Wonder Women really - Gal Gadot, who took on the titular role, and Patty Jenkins, who directed the stellar movie. However, curiously, there was no deal with Jenkins.

Wonder Woman did, after all, become the first financial and critical success for Warner their DC film universe experiment, garnering widespread and warm praise while raking in just under $800 million (so far) at the global box office. But as Deadline reports, it wasn't until tonight that the woman responsible for the highest grossing live action film ever made by a female director closed the deal to return for a sequel. To give some idea of a ballpark figure, fresh directors for comic book films usually get around $1.5 to $3 million Dollars, whereas experienced and successful directors like Zack Snyder can get $10 million. (That's usually paid out as 20% during pre-production, 60% during production, 10% during post and 10% following). However, it turned out she wasn't officially signed on, contrary to earlier reports, giving her leverage to use in actually nailing down her contract for Wonder Woman 2. It's now said as of Thursday night, the Wonder Woman 2 deal is being finalized. The film gave us the powerful female superhero we so desperately needed in 2017.

Jenkins is repped by CAA, Anonymous Content, and attorney Alan Wertheimer at Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer Austen Mandelbaum Morris & Klein.



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