Partial eclipse set for Caribbean skies - but AVOID looking directly at it

Solar Eclipse

The corona is the part around the sun that you normally can't see because it's so bright. The phenomenon occurs when parts of the Earth are in the shadow of the moon as it passes between our planet and the Sun.

More than 1,300 tickets were sold to the event, and those tickets sold out in about five minutes.

The first coast-to-coast eclipse witnessed by the United States in almost a century will be seen in Bermuda, at its height, as an 85-per-cent eclipse.

One important note is that the map above shows when the eclipse will be at its fullest.

People across the United States are all set to witness a total solar eclipse, which will take place today at 10.30 pm, according to Indian Standard Time.

A 70-year-old man who burned his retina by staring directly into the sun during a partial solar eclipse in 1962 has a warning for those planning to view the solar eclipse Monday afternoon. There's plenty of time to plan for the next US eclipse on April 8, 2024.

Dubbed as the Great American Eclipse, the spectacular moment will see the Sun, the Moon and the Earth become perfectly aligned in a once-in-a-lifetime celestial spectacle seen from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

A rare solar eclipse will cast a massive shadow across the USA on Monday, temporarily plunging wide swaths of America into darkness as the moon blocks out the sun.

This one will be seen along a path running from OR to SC - the first to cross the entire continental United States in nearly a century. At the top of the search results page is an interactive box that teaches you about the solar eclipse. NASA says special solar eclipse glasses marked with "ISO 12312-2" will help protect your eyes.

Because of this, it's also very important to have safety glasses when looking at the eclipse. The partial eclipse will block out about 75 per cent of the sun and last for about two and a half minutes.

In a statement on the Project's website, Google said: "We're in the process of collecting photos from all along the path of totality".

Think you know everything about the eclipse?

Lawrence Hall will also be live streaming the solar eclipse from across the country.



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