Online menace like 'Blue Whale Challenge' is serious

Class VII Student Tries to Jump Off Building In Indore, Cops Suspect He Was Trying To Complete 'Blue Whale Challenge'

Though the police were sceptical of the Blue Whale angle because the boy didn't have cuts on the body and that apparently there is no mobile app for the game, the victim admitted to having indulged in this morbid fascination.

The incident took place in the Chameli Devi high school in district headquarters town of Indore. He's the 8th-grade student. Farooq, the PT teacher at the school, told ANI he rushed to save the boy after he spotted him trying to jump off the third floor of the building while two other students were trying to stop him.

Fortunately, his classmates who were quick to intervene saved his life after they noticed that he was leaning over the third-floor railing of the school.

"Initial investigation suggests that the boy had been playing the Blue Whale game on his fathers cellphone for the last couple of days", Dwivedi said. His parents couldn't believe that their son can do such thing.

He said the boy appeared "lost" and was silent when the police took him with them.

During the Monsoon session of the Parliament, Rajya Sabha members had asked the government to act against games like Blue Whale Challenge. This Macabre game also has been responsible for taking the life of teenagers in Mumbai recently.

According to him, the class IX student was addicted to the game, where a player is given different tasks by his handlers. Gamers are asked to complete and upload videos of a series of dares over 50 days, which includes carving a blue whale into one's arm. "We are looking into the matter and have instructed the school management to counsel the child and his parents", Dwivedi told this newspaper, adding, the boy was promised a sum of Rs 2 crore on successful completion of the game. An eye popping prize reward for children.

The online game, which originated in Russian Federation, starts by asking participants via social media to take self-harming tasks.



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