North Korea shipments to Syria chemical arms agency intercepted

The North Korean Military Parade Pyongyang

North Korean has supplied agents for Syria's chemical weapons programme twice over the last six months, Reuters reported on Monday. The 37-page report, which was seen by Reuters, states: "The panel is investigating reported prohibited chemical, ballistic missile and conventional arms cooperation between Syria and the DPRK (North Korea)".

"Two member states interdicted shipments destined for Syria".

"The U.N. experts said activities between Syria and North Korea they were investigating included cooperation on Syrian Scud missile programs and maintenance and fix of Syrian surface-to-air missiles air defense systems", Reuters reported.

KOMID, the North's key arms dealer and exporter of equipment, was blacklisted by the UNSC in 2009 for its involvement in the transfer of ballistic missile technology and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Sky News reports that North Korea appears to have been unnerved by the annual military drill between the US and South Korea because it perceives it as a preparation to invade the country. There is evidence to suggest that KOMID has also supported the fix of Syria's Scud missiles air defense system.

The UN is investigating collaboration between Syria and North Korea, including cooperation on Syria's Scud missile program and maintenance of Syria's surface-to-air missiles. Therefore, the USA and #South Korea have conducteda mock drill to familiarize people of the actions to be taken in case of a chemical weapon attack.

The SSRC has overseen the country's chemical weapons program since the 1970s, Reuters reported. Damascus had been ordered to dismantle its chemical stockpiles as part of Russian-brokered 2013 peace pact between Syria and the U.S. "We will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons, and those responsible for their use must be held accountable".

During the country's bloody civil war, sarin nerve gas has been used at least twice, while the use of chlorine as a weapon has been widespread.

In April, after the horrific chemical attack on innocent Syrian civilians, including children, the Associated Press quoted an unnamed "senior USA official" who said the United States government had concluded Russian Federation had advance knowledge of Syria's chemical weapons attack in the Idlib province.



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