Nintendo Is Getting Sued over the Switch's Design, Apparently

Nintendo Switch Screen Supplier is Struggling Financially

This week, accessory and peripheral maker "Gamevice" filed a lawsuit against Nintendo over the design of the Nintendo Switch.

"Nintendo's infringement has caused, and is continuing to cause, damage and irreparable injury to Gamevice, and Gamevice will continue to suffer damage and irreparable injury unless and until that infringement is enjoined by this court", said the complaint.

The lawsuit claims that the Nintendo Switch and its detachable Joy-Con controllers closely resemble what Gamevice had in mind for their own take on a game controller. Needless to say, this accessory was designed in a way in that you could play mobile games using traditional console controls.

Neither Gamevice nor Nintendo responded to CNBC's request for comment at the time of writing.

In the image above you can see Gamevice's "Wikipad".

There are some notable differences between the devices, too.

In addition to damages, the company is also calling for the Nintendo Switch to be banned from sale.

Nintendo has been working on its own, similar controller ideas for years - including this early concept for the Wii U, right, from 2012.

The Nintendo Switch has been notoriously hard to get hold of since releasing on March 3.

With Gamevice's lawsuit against Nintendo, it could possibly become a threat to the Switch's success moving forward. Nintendo predicted that it would be able to sell 10 million units of the Switch by the end of its fiscal year 2018.

Gamevice is suing Nintendo for allegedly infringing the patents used in its Android gaming tablet the Wikipad, and its add-on controllers for phones and tablets, Engadget reported.



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