New Still From Marvel's The Punisher Released

Jon Bernthal is The Punisher  Frank Castle

The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal stars as Frank Castle who becomes a vigilante assassin following the murder of his family. So before the year is out, it looks like you'll be able to watch Frank Castle in vengeful action. "He's coming. He's coming to collect".

Spun off of Daredevil after Jon Bernthal received great reviews for his portrayal as the Marvel baddie, the first trailer for The Punisher paints a bleak picture. Despite it being heavily rumoured that Frank Castle would make an appearance in Marvel's most recent Netflix adventure, The Defenders, we were instead treated to a teaser for the upcoming series about the take-no-prisoners gunslinger. People now know him as The Punisher, and he is on a quest to discover the truth about injustices that affect more than his family alone.

And now, in his solo series, we'll see the next chapter in Castle's story: a look at what happens to the man in the aftermath of all the bloody fury he's unleashed upon Hell's Kitchen.

The first look at "The Punisher" series from Marvel and Netflix debuted following the final episode of "The Defenders" miniseries that launched on Thursday night.

Here are 5 reasons to be excited for Marvel's The Punisher.



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