New iOS 11 security feature will help iPhone users fight the power

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Currently, the only ways to disable Touch ID on an iPhone were to either restart it, wait for a few days, force it to lock by using the wrong fingers, or disable the feature in the device's settings. That means the only way to unlock the phone after keying the emergency sequence is by entering your passcode.

Akin to the anniversary edition iPhone, the iOS 11 is also going to pack some interesting new features when it goes live later this year.

iPad Pro - How to mark stuff up with Apple Pencil with iOS 11 With iOS 11 it's faster and easier to mark up all kinds of things with Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. The most popular example of this was with the Federal Bureau of Investigation demanding Apple to unlock the iPhone 5C of the San Bernardino shooter.

The iPhone 8 is expected to come with facial recognition technology, which can be used to unlock the device. Here, iOS users can switch on Auto Call, which automatically calls the local emergency services number after the fifth press of the lock button.

As the law stands now, law enforcement are allowed to force smartphone access by compelling a user to unlock via biometrics, like Touch ID or facial recognition, but can not force a user to unlock a device by passcode entry.

This new feature that Apple has built into iOS 11 offers a more discrete way of locking out an iPhone.

Calkins' concept might also be applied to the iPhone 8, which is set to be released next month, as it focuses strongly on an OLED display, bezel-less design and virtual Home button. Apple has been reluctant to add a "dark mode" to iOS thus far, but perhaps with the launch of the OLED iPhone 8, the company will finally cave into pressure. This feature has been discovered in the public beta version of this software update. As for the last video, it shows how the latest iOS 11 can enhance multitasking features. The setting, which is said to automate emergency services, will let iPhone users tap on the power button five times.



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