Neuromancer: Deadpool's Tim Miller Now Linked with Directing

'Deadpool's Tim Miller To Helm 'Neuromancer'; Fox Lands William Gibson Cyberpunk Tale

The novel helped establish Gibson as one of the genre's best writers, and has been particularly influential for not only setting the tone of gritty, cyberpunk dystopias, but also popularizing the term "cyberspace" itself.

Director Joseph Kahn of Torque and Detention fame (his latest film, Bodied, debuts at this year's TIFF) was once attached to helm an adaptation of Gibson's book with Star Wars prequel star Hayden Christensen rumored to play the lead role, and eventually Cube and Splice director Vincenzo Natali replaced Kahn with a vision of the story that was envisioned as being "really about our post-human future". Neuromancer serves as the beginning of Gibson's Sprawl trilogy, in which a washed-up computer hacker - who ends up damaging his nervous system - gets recruited on a secret mission to pull off an impossible hack, which involves a psychopath who can create holograms with his mind.

Deadpool helmer Tim Miller has signed on to direct a live-action adaptation of William Gibson's seminal cyberpunk novel Neuromancer for 20th Century Fox, according to Deadline. Moreover, he'll be reteaming with Deadpool producer Simon Kinberg on the project. It would also allow it to be more resonant for the dangers we face today, and build on the work of other properties that have been inspired by it, including The Matrix.

Sure, it was a bit of a disappointment when Tim Miller dropped out of directing DEADPOOL 2 over creative differences, but the director has certainly had no issue with lining up projects following his exit from the upcoming sequel. A mysterious benefactor offers to restore Case's health and connection to the network if he pulls off a hard job for him: hack an artificial intelligence that's orbiting the planet.

Neuromancer doesn't have a release date set yet, but we'll keep you updated with more info as soon as we hear it. After all, Miller has a lot of half-projects on the go at the moment, and with this movie's slow development up to this point, it's possible that this might be just another fizzled attempt.

A film adaptation of Neuromancer has been a long time coming.



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