Netanyahu: Iran wants to use Syria to eradicate Israel

U.S. President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliver remarks before a dinner at Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of building precision-guided missiles in Syria and Lebanon for use against his country.

Iran, Israel's arch-enemy, has been Syrian regime leader Bashar al-Assad's staunchest backer and has provided militia fighters to help him in Syria's civil war.

Mr Netanyahu gave no details about the sites Iran was allegedly building to manufacture missiles, but he warned "this is something Israel can not accept".

Netanyahu has frequently accused United Nations bodies of being biased against Israel and he repeated those allegations when meeting Guterres.

Guterres is meanwhile visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories to discuss ways to revive the peace process.

"The UN is mandated to pursue peace, but it allows Palestinian hate speech to flourish in its institutions", he added.

Netanyahu told Putin that Iran takes the territories that the global coalition and Russian Federation liberate from ISIL terrorists in Syria.

UNIFIL has failed to report on the "tens of thousands of weapons smuggling into Lebanon for Hezbollah, " he said as cited by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Netanyahu provided no proof of his accusations against Tehran, but his statement comes a few weeks after Israel's Channel 2 News showed images of what it called a construction site of an Iranian long-range missile production facility in northern Syria.

To which Guterres responded that he would "do everything in my capacity" to make sure the UNIFIL peacekeeping force fulfills its task along Israel's border with Lebanon.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing calls to resign amid a raft of corruption investigations, but the only prodding he got from Conan O'Brien concerned his choice of dog treats.

His meeting with Netanyahu was part of a three-day visit that ends Wednesday and came with the two-state solution, long the focus of worldwide diplomacy, under threat.

He didn't back Rivlin's claims of "the discrimination against Israel" in some United Nations affiliates.

He added, "And impartiality means treating all states equally, and I am totally committed to that in my action and in everything I can do for the organization I lead".

Kuwait's Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim has held talks with visiting UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres who was now touring the region.

During his visit to Israel, Guterres will meet with the families of the missing Israelis in the Gaza Strip, but he is not expected to play a role in solving the crisis because he does not have relations with Hamas and is not supposed to meet with official representatives during his visit to the Gaza Strip.



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