Navdeep wild card entry in NTR's Bigg Boss

Navdeep wild card entry in NTR's Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss has always been a fun show for the people whether its is Hindi, Tamil or Telugu. And Gayathri and Raiza received the maximum votes for elimination.

Bigg Boss introduced a new task and said the victor of the task would be saved from the elimination process.

You read it right, Sakthi got evicted from the Bigg Boss house this week. Viewers will be curious to know how he would behave in Bigg Boss house and what he is gonna reveal. Bigg Boss had a interaction with Raiza in confession room. While Telugu Bigg Boss is going ahead without much of twists, Bigg Boss Tamil has witnessed huge turns and shocks, thanks to Oviya Helen. As usual, the contestant who gets a minimum number of votes will be eliminated from the house.

Everybody except Snehan nominated Gayathri.

The Kamal Haasan hosted show is slowly emerging as the most controversial shows in the Indian Television history.

It looks like for this week, the show producers have made a decision to gain back the lost TRP points due to the absence of Oviya by eliminating Gayathri. Here comes one more wild card entry of Navdeep into the house. The media reports also suggested that considering Oviya's popularity, the makers have even re-negotiated her remuneration for her come back. According to the sources, the channel offered ed Rs.5 Lakhs for Oviya per day to continue the show from next week.

Before leaving the show, he was asked by the host of the show to throw Bigg Bomb on the housemate he feels is suitable and he threw the bomb on Adarsh and as a result he had to clean utensils till the next announcement of the Bigg Boss. In that, audience are expecting Oviya's re-entry to the house.



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