Movie Studios Want Apple To Charge Big Bucks For 4K Movies

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While Apple has been able to disrupt many industries - the iPod and iTunes revolutionized the music industry in 2001, for example - Apple may have a hard time winning against Tinseltown.

Hollywood studios, according to the report, are asking Apple to increase the asking price from proposed $19.99 per movie by $5 to $10.

According to people familiar with the matter, the Hollywood studios are not happy with the pricing offered by Apple for 4K movies.

Apple may be unveiling the latest version of their Apple TV on September 12, but the exact cost of watching ultra-high definition movies on their upcoming 4K television-friendly streaming media device is a reported source of conflict.

The ongoing negotiations and disagreements from both sides over pricing could result in delays in potential content announcement from Apple, something the Cupertino-headquartered company is trying to avoid as it prepares for its next major event next month. Studios, on the other hand, are anxious about preserving profit margins and inflated prices for higher quality formats. "I wouldn't tell Apple how to price their iPads", an executive told the WSJ. If they get their way, those rentals will be available at somewhere between $30 and $50 depending on the size of the release window, but now it appears that Apple is butting heads with the studios over a different topic: the price point for 4K movies on Apple TV.

But it's no secret that though Netflix offers 4K content, the streaming service's film selection is consistently bad, so I don't think that's a comparable argument. It is now under 35 percent, from a peak of over 50 percent in 2012.



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