More Renault Unreliability Brings Criticism From Red Bull's Horner

Verstappen on Red Bull future: 'Can't call it bad luck anymore'

His retirement likely was the most demoralizing yet, though, as it came in front of his home crowd, and during the first race since F1's summer break. In 2016, it was Lewis Hamilton.

Since finishing third in China at the second race of the season, Verstappen has failed to finish six of the past 10 races.

Verstappen was hoping Red Bull could sort out its reliability issues - which occur more frequently on Verstappen's vehicle, as Ricciardo has only three DNFs this year - for the second half of the season, but his result in Belgium now has he and his father, Jos, questioning whether staying at Red Bull will be the best decision for his future.

And while Verstappen is contracted to Red Bull until the end of 2019, he didn't give assurances about his long-term future when speaking to Sky F1's Natalie Pinkham.

Verstappen, who was heard to exclaim "I can't believe this", when his auto died early in the race, said he was "extremely disappointed" but would go away and regroup and return with a positive attitude next week.

A more serious Ricciardo then explained that the team had investigated both their driving styles in a bid to identify a possible reason - something more tangible than bad luck - for Verstappen's run of outs.

"I actually talk to it a lot during the race".

"Also it's just really demotivating because you work hard all weekend, you have a great qualifying and you're looking forward to the race but then you retire after eight laps".

"I wouldn't call it foreplay but it's something like that and Max is young, he's aggressive, he goes straight in!"

"I definitely feel for Max".

"I've honestly. I have asked before".

Team Principal Christian Horner pointed the finger at Renault after Verstappen's latest incident. "He's not over-revving it or anything silly". And they need to sort it out, it is hurting them as much as it is hurting us.

Then, on the 33 of the 44 lap race, the Force Indias of Perez and Ocon resumed their lack of affection, resulting in Ocon's front wing disintegrating and a rear tyre coming off Perez's vehicle.

Now if you started reading here you might think Daniel was talking about something else altogether. "Ferrari managed to get their act together".



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