Milan police arrest man in kidnapping of British model

Lukasz Herba is accused of kidnapping a British model and attempting to sell her online

A Polish man has been jailed in the kidnapping of a British model held captive in northern Italy for six days last month, police said Saturday.

On July 17, for reasons that are not clear, Herba drove the woman back to Milan and released her close to the British Consulate, where he was arrested.

The report said investigators also are exploring the possibility the woman was abducted so she could be auctioned off online.

A 30-year-old Polish national, who lives in the United Kingdom, has been arrested on kidnapping charges, police say.

"Fantasist or not, what is clear is that he is a very unsafe man who drugged his victim as soon as she was kidnapped and put her inside a large travel bag in the boot of a vehicle", Milan deputy prosecutor Paolo Storari told a press conference.

The 20-year-old model had travelled to Italy for what turned out to be a bogus photo shoot in Milan.

It is claimed the woman was taken to an abandoned office block on July 11 close to Milan's Central station in the boot of a auto.

Police said she was held for a week in abandoned offices in the city and officers are now looking for accomplices.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reports the woman was told she could be freed if a ransom of €50,000 (£45,000, $58,000) was paid, although it is not known if this money was paid.

Italian police said they are working with officials in Britain and Poland as they continue to investigate.