Mash-up combining Pakistan and India's anthems goes viral

Chinese Vice Premier arrives in Islamabad tomorrow for talks on further augmenting bilateral relations in host of fields

The Pakistani flag was raised and various delegates were present at the event.

In the seventy years since India and Pakistan got its Independence, the relations between the two countries continue to be strained, and the conflict seems to be only escalating.

Despite so many differences and political tussle between India and Pakistan, people from both the countries always come up with creative things to bring unity among the people. The first of its kind effort by the artistes will give you goosebumps and force you to think about why there is a crucial necessity for peace and friendship to prevail between the two countries.

Filmmaker and activist Ram Subramanian, who heads Voice of Ram, told an Indian WEBSITE Catch News that the reason he made the videos was "because a lot of people are afraid to speak about peace, and it s an illogical fear".

The united national anthems of India and Pakistan by Voice of Ram.

The video has won the internet and invited mostly positive comments from users.

(Wed Desk) - Today Pakistan celebrates its 70th independence day, with its historic rival India following a day later. Asks Voice Of Ram, a Facebook group that has chose to celebrate the Indian Independence Day together with Pakistan. How?

"This Independence Day", the group wrote, "we'd like to dedicate a song to our neighbours". We hope that such initiatives in the realm of art and pop-culture bridge the gap between two countries.



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