Louis Cardinals fans hail wily #RallyCat for grand slam

Louis Cardinals fans hail wily #RallyCat for grand slam

Looks like the famous St. Louis Cardinals "Rally Squirrel" has some competition.

A member of the Busch Stadium grounds crew removes a cat that had run onto the field during the sixth inning of a baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals on August 9, 2017, in St. Louis.

The Cardinals loaded the bases off Royals relievers Brandon Maurer and Peter Moylan.

Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain stood, smiling, with a hand on his hip as the cat sprinted past him. Then a member of the Cardinals field crew ran out to grab the cat.

The Cardinals paid their respects to their new mascot, relasing a tribue video to Rally Cat towards the end of the game.

On the very next pitch, Molina hit his grand slam, giving the Cardinals a 8-5 lead. Last year, a cat scampered onto the field in Anaheim during St. Louis's game against the Angels (who already have a rally animal and thus were no longer taking applications).

St. Louis fans know what an innocent animal encounter can do to a baseball team. The Cardinals would go on to win that series against the heavily favored Phillies, and after they beat the Rangers in the World Series they put the Rally Squirrel on their championship rings.



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