Lost ring returns on carrot 13 years later

Lost ring returns on carrot 13 years later

Norman, still unaware that the ring his wife was wearing was not the one he'd bought her, died five years ago, shortly before what would have been the couple's 60 anniversary.

While Grams was gardening at her home in Alberta, Canada, her engagement ring somehow slipped off her finger and became lost in the soil.

But this week, her daughter-in-law was pulling up carrots from the family garden for dinner - and guess what she found wrapped around one of the vegetables!

While Grams tirelessly searched for the ring, after a time, she gave up and purchased herself a new ring, hoping her husband wouldn't notice, Good House Keeping writes. His mother had lost her engagement ring years ago in the garden and never found it again.

"Daley said while she was pulling the carrots and noticed one of them looked odd", the AP writes. "It just doesn't seem real", she said. After relieving the carrot of its carat, Grams put her engagement ring back on, exclaiming, "It still fits!"

When she washed off the carrot, she found the gem.

Daley said it was "so weird" how the carrot had grown "perfectly" through the ring.

The carrot was able to grow through and around the ring after all these years.



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