Logitech's latest keyboard, The Craft, adds a smart knob called The Crown

Above Logitech makes a keyboard for

The company after the success of the MX Master house is now making the keyboard which meets the standards of the MX mouse titled as the Logitech's Craft keyboard. This is a flagship keyboard geared toward creators who use Adobe Photoshop and other desktop publishing programs.

Starting off with the Logitech Craft keyboard, it features Crown, an aluminium touch-based dial that works exactly like Microsoft Dial. In that app, the dial mainly serves as an alternative means of accessing the properties of a selected tool. You can assign certain values to be manipulated while making a digital art, or even working on a Microsoft Excel sheet. It aids in creating PowerPoint slides and simply adjusting font sizes in Word. While those profiles for Adobe programs will work across Windows PC and Mac, Logitech notes that functionality within Microsoft's own apps are limited to PC at this time. It also has smart illumination where depending on the placement of your hands, will illuminate the keyboard accordingly and adjust its lighting. You can also control the backlit keyboard brightness manually. Logitech is also claiming precision with sensitivity up to 12,000 DPI. The dial responds to taps, rotations, and touch, allowing it carry out a number of different functions without the need for additional buttons.

Wireless gaming peripherals are often met with grains of skepticism. On Windows, the Surface Dial or a combination of a capable touch screen and an accurate stylus can accomplish numerous tasks the Craft performs at a fraction of the price (the Surface Dial costs $100 and you can pick up a stylus for around $30). The Lightspeed mode connects directly to the included USB dongle. Logitech G is dedicated to providing gamers of all levels with industry leading keyboards, mice, headsets, mousepads and simulation products such as wheels and flight sticks - made possible through innovative design, advanced technologies and a deep passion for gaming.

Of course, for all its tappy, turny, dialy-ness, Craft is still a keyboard and Logitech makes much of the "unique spherical dishing of the keys" which improve typing. We will be posting a full hands-on review in the coming days so stay tuned!



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