Limited edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 console revealed

Limited edition Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 console revealed

All bundles are set to launch via select retailers and alongside the release of Gran Turismo Sport on the 18 of October.

The console is a PS4 Slim console with a 1TB hard drive, an exclusively styled silver faceplate, and a GT Sport Limited Edition DualShock 4 wireless controller customized with a touch pad showing the iconic GT insignia.

Sony and Polyphony Digital have just announced a new, special edition PlayStation 4 console to celebrate the release of Gran Turismo Sport in October.

You get a 1TB PS4 console that is silver and blazoned with the GT logo. This silver color shiny console offers more catchy looks compare to the previous editions.

Like most limited edition consoles, this one comes with a design inspired by Gran Turismo Sport.

Apart from that, Sony will also come up with a couple of editions to the standard PlayStation 4 edition. But if the fancy console and day one copy isn't your bag, then there will be a few other bundles available that include a jet black console and standard copy of the game.

For now, this limited edition console has only been confirmed for the UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia, with no word of a U.S. release just yet. It clears that the pricing and availability of this edition would be different in each country and hence, we don't know the exact figure of the pricing or its availability.



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