LG reportedly working on V30 Plus smartphone

LG reportedly working on V30 Plus smartphone

The company's next premier handset, the LG V30, will be made official on August 31 at IFA in Berlin, but LG's making sure everyone knows its biggest selling point today: the camera.

We're nearing the launch of the LG V30, and a new report indicates we'll see both the regular version and a Plus variant of this phone launch at the same time.

The LG V30 Plus is expected to launch in the company's home country of South Korea on September 15, the same day previously reported for the LG V30. As it usually is, the Plus model will be a higher-end phone. However, LG plans on doing away with that concept in the favor of something known as a "floating display.' Additional details regarding this are not yet known but many tech people suggest that the apparent 'floating display" is going to serve the same functionality as the secondary display. The V30 Plus will apparently only be launching in South Korea, with the report not indicating if an global launch is even being considered. Unfortunately, the report is not quite clear on what it implies by the audio system.

Well, the LG V30 camera phone if launched in the market will create a revolution in the industry of mobile phones with the quality of best camera quality and other specifications. However, the report on the existence of the LG V30 Plus comes as a surprise, like the recent report that the LG V30 will have the largest aperture ever featured in a camera for a smartphone.

The information comes from Korean publication etnews, which reports that LG Electronics is planning to shake up its previous trends by introducing both versions of this phone at the same time. As for the pricing, the former will be sold at around $700 (roughly Rs. 45,000), while the Plus variant will carry a price tag of $875 (approximately Rs. 56,000). We don' really think people will shell out so much more just for the extra storage space. It is natural that bezels will find little room to spread in the LG V30 Plus, thanks to the Full Vision display as seen in LG G6.

That being said, since it is not verified yet, you must take the information with a pinch of salt.



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