Latin America rejects U.S. military threat in Venezuela

CNN's Phil Mudd nails Trump for going from 'embarrassing himself to threatening us' on North Korea

Venezuela's opposition coalition has rejected any manner of foreign military intervention, two days after US President Donald Trump said Washington was considering such actions in the crisis-ridden country.

President Trump on Friday said he would not rule out a "military option" in response to Maduro's moves.

Vice President Pence touched down here Sunday afternoon amid a deepening crisis in neighboring Venezuela, beginning a week-long trip to South and Central America during which he plans to reinforce USA trade and security partnerships and increase pressure to restore democracy in Venezuela.

The menace, however, also gave Maduro's regime an unexpected opportunity to substantiate its daily refrain that it is a victim of a Washington plot to grab control of its oil reserves, the biggest in the world.

Venezuela has in turn accused America of "imperialist aggression".

"We want to express gratitude for all the expressions of solidarity and rejection of the use of force from governments around the world, including Latin America", said Mr Arreaza, in a short speech on Saturday.

One such example, Mora said, is Human Rights Watch's Jose Miguel Vivanco, who tweeted that "Perhaps since Chavez named him his successor, no one had helped Maduro as much as Trump and this nonsense".

Peru, one of Maduro's fiercest critics, led the charge in criticising Trump's threat, saying it was against United Nations principles.

The Trump administration slapped sanctions on Venezuela after a vote last month allowed President Maduro to replace opposition-dominated National Assembly with a new 545-member Constituent Assembly filled with his supporters.

Former Argentine Ambassador to Venezuela Alicia Castro: And the one who endorses a U.S. intervention in his continent, risking the life and peace of us all, is also a miser.

Mexico and Colombia joined in with statements of their own. "Venezuela is not very far away", he said.

Regional alliance Mercosur added it rejected the use of force against Venezuela, despite having indefinitely suspended the country last week amid global condemnation of Maduro's new, all-powerful legislative superbody.

Also Friday, the White House said Venezuela's Maduro had requested a phone call with Trump. He was set to visit Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Panama.

Navia added: "I don't think any Latin American nation would support military invasion of Venezuela".



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