Is Tiger Woods dating Kristin Smith? Woods denies Daily Mail report

The Latest: Tiger Woods to enter diversion program Oct. 25

The site claimed that Woods and personal stylist Kristin Smith - the ex-wife of Dallas Cowboys player Gerald Sensabaugh - had been on a cozy vacation together in the Bahamas in late July. But his legal counsel just informed the Associated Press that he will not be attending the arraignment slated on Wednesday wherein important arrangements will be discussed and settled. However, on August 10, the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom reported Woods and Smith were seen for the first time in public as a couple.

As everyone knows, Tiger Woods is fastidious about the propriety of his romantic liaisons. Upon completion of that program, the DUI charge will be dropped from Woods' record. But even if this is the case, Woods will still be required to attend and make himself present for other hearing for any other plea.

According to reports, Duncan and Chief Assistant State Attorney Adrienne Ellis both came up with an agreement that delays Woods' first hearing to allow them to fix a future plea agreement.

The diversion program is apparently common among first-time offenders (like Woods) and contains benchmarks like community service and court fines for participants to hit along the way.

A Florida prosecutor says Tiger Woods has pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence and will enter a diversion programme later this year.



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