IPhone 8 vs iPhone 7S Plus Compared In New Video

Apple iPhone 8 Weibo Touch ID leak

This leak is just one of the many leaks discovered by developer Steve Troughton-Smith.

There are numerous reports that the iPhone 8 might launch as iPhone X since it is an anniversary model and everyone expects the more subtly-revised lineup to be part of the "S" revamp that typically comes one year after the debut of a new generation.

"I also think that the "7S" name would contribute to the notion that Apple's "S" phones are only modest updates, when the truth is that the S phones tend to get the bigger technical improvements", Gruber stated.

Rumor has it that Apple may be increasing the size of the iPhone.

Now there is talk about a 1.1-inch increase from the iPhone 7's 4.7-inch display to 5.8-inches.

Similarly to the original iPhone SE, the new version would also come with the upgraded chip found in the iPhone 7. The upcoming smartphone could also feature a facial recognition sensor that will allow the users to unlock their smartphones just by looking at it.

The iPhone 8 with OLED screen is reportedly in mass production since this week. It goes to show how much bigger those larger bezels make the device.

The black iPhone 8 replica that was shown has the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

It should be noted that these show a visible on-screen Home button, while the code reveals that this can be hidden within apps. It is not as tall as the S8, but the aspect ratio of the two should be the same.

Apple's decision to ditch the home button which has been the key design marker of its iPhone range since it first launched in 2007 is perhaps the most obvious change with this year's flagship.



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