India Independence Day 2017: Top Quotes, Photos From PM Narendra Modi's Speech

India Independence Day 2017: Top Quotes, Photos From PM Narendra Modi's Speech

First figureModi said his government had unearthed black money worth Rs 1.25 lakh crore before the demonetisation in November previous year.

More than 300,000 shell companies associated with so-called "black money" had been red-flagged and over 100,000 trading licences revoked under a sweeping clean-out of India's graft-riddled economy, Modi added.

As patriotic songs and slogans resonated in the air, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his fourth speech.

He also said just the government's initiatives were not sufficient to transform the nation, but every citizen must contribute.

Numerous citizens not wanting to miss the speech of the Prime Minister reached the premises ahead of the time. There is a huge gap between the statements given by the Prime Minister and the reality.

Attacking the BJP on the Gorakhpur hospital deaths, AICC vice president, Rahul Gandhi charged that PM Modi wants to build an India where the rich go to private hospitals and the poor just die.

Speaking about the Doklam standoff, he said, "Some time ago, the Chinese president came to India". "Is he not befooling the people of the country", Azad asked.

"Unless we give them facilities from seed to the market, we can not change their fate", Modi said in his speech here on the occasion of Independence Day.

Rajnath Singh referred to Modi's remarks on Kashmir and said it was heartwarming to see the Prime Minister making his government's stand clear.

Economists have said the policy, which triggered months of cash shortages, has curtailed India's record growth, but Modi claimed trillions of rupees in untaxed wealth had surfaced as a result.

In his August 15 address, PM Modi reached out to Kashmiris, asserting that Kashmir problem cannot be resolved by either bullets or by abuses and that a solution can be found by embracing them.

Both Trump and Modi looked forward to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Change can come by embracing all Kashmiris.

Residents in the Indian-occupied and controlled region of Kashmir have marked India's Independence Day as "black day", protesting in the heavily militarized area and boycotting celebrations of the day. "If you have any information/photo that is missing and can be added to the portal, please share it through the feedback link on the site", the prime minister added.



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