Hurricane Harvey Significant Digits For Monday, Aug. 28, 2017

Stranded motorists wait out the storm on the Sidney Sherman Bridge after rainfall from Hurricane Harvey caused

And the water won't stop rising anytime soon.

More than 5,500 tired refugees of Tropical Storm Harvey's fury sought refuge in the city's cavernous convention center and other shelters Monday as local, state and federal officials warned that the human crisis in southeast Texas was just beginning.

President Donald Trump on Monday prepared to visit Texas to view the federal government's response to Harvey's devastating flooding as his administration vowed to help the millions of residents dealing with the catastrophic storm.

On Sunday night, Pastor Cornett called for prayers for Houston as he hoped for a successful flight out of the city on Monday. Those who couldn't get a cot were given pillows and blankets to sleep on the floor, Red Cross spokeswoman Betsy Robertson said.

Abbott, who had suggested on Friday that people leave the area, declined to second-guess the mayor on Monday, telling reporters, "Decisions about evacuations are something that are behind us".

Regularly inundated by floodwaters ever since its settlement in the mid-1800s, Houston looked on warily even before Harvey roared ashore.

Thousands of calls for help have gone out across Houston.

Harvey continues to dump rain on Texas, and at least eight people have died as a result of the storm.

"None of us (is) going to give up", Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said. He said officials are requesting volunteers and supplies for its emergency efforts.

Gov. Greg Abbott activated the state's entire National Guard force, increasing to 12,000 the number of guardsmen deployed to flooded communities. The Coast Guard advised people to wave sheets or towels to draw attention to themselves.

In scenes reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina which hit southern Louisiana in 2005, more than 2,500 people had flocked to the George Brown Convention Centre in Houston on Monday for shelter. A representative for Obama told CNN the former president was not in Texas.

"We are only half-way through the rainfall", he said.

Citizens with boats were assisting authorities in search-and-rescue efforts. The rules had required federally funded, public infrastructure to be designed with climate change impacts like sea level rise in mind.

"We opened our doors for the Texans to come this way", Anderson said, "and we'll continue to have them open as long as they need them".

"We're anticipating over 30,000 people being placed in shelters temporarily to basically stabilize the situation and provide for their care", said Long.

"We're still in the very infancy stage of getting this recovery started", said Aransas County spokesman Larry Sinclair.

"You can not put 6.5 million people on the road". Everyone wants to get in at the same time.

But officials also warned that the danger has not yet passed, with more families still stranded or packed into emergency shelters and the tropical storm once more gathering strength on the Gulf coast.



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