Here's Why Usher Claims He Didn't Give Herpes To This Woman!

Usher refutes sleeping with lady involved in herpes suit

The Days Inn employee said that Sharpton was, indeed, staying at the hotel the night of the concert and told TMZ that she saw the "OMG" singer come into the lobby shortly after midnight on November 16 when he was greeted by Sharpton.

To prove he never slept with Quantasia, Usher argued that at the time (November 2014) he was engaged to Grace Miguel.

Miguel was his manager at the time of the alleged encounter and the two spent all of their free time together.

No matter how he tries to slice it, the Grammy winning singer has got a BIG problem as this woman (Quantasia Sharpton) is just ONE of several people who are suing the singer for transmitting the herpes bug to them during unprotected sex and not informing them that he was infected. In doing so, she says that she was then exposed to genital herpes, claiming Usher never disclosed he allegedly had the STD. The singer met Sharpton, who brought him back to her room.

The employee told TMZ that she asked Usher for a picture and while he did agree, he said he'd do it once he left the hotel.

Sharpton said she was picked from the crowd at an Usher concert two years ago in Atlantic City, N.J. She was celebrating her 19th birthday and got to meet the Grammy victor backstage. In a press conference, Quantasia says Usher pulled her up on stage, which he admits certainly could have happened.

Bloom is also representing another woman and a man, who claim to have had sexual contact with the singer.

However, the 38-year-old is certain he was way too in love with his fiancée to cheat on her.

Earlier this week, Usher denied Sharpton's accusations and said: "She's not my type".