Having already tried podcasting, Bill O'Reilly might pivot to video

Having already tried podcasting, Bill O'Reilly might pivot to video

After getting the boot from his longtime job with the Fox News Channel, Bill O'Reilly appears to be readying his comeback.

During his 21 years years at Fox, O'Reilly was an aggressive critic of what he derided as the "left-wing media", routinely attacking CNN, MSNBC and others for purported bias. "He spoke by Skype with political commentator Michael Smerconish".

Smerconish was on O'Reilly's online talk show Wednesday, and O'Reilly told Smerconish that he would appear on Smerconish's CNN program at an uncertain time.

Nearly four months after his ouster at Fox News, Bill O'Reilly will be appearing on television at his long-time rival CNN for the first time.

His "The O'Reilly Factor" show on Fox News was the most-watched prime-time cable news show on USA television, averaging some 4 million viewers a night.

O'Reilly, once a conservative powerhouse at Fox News, was sacked in April after The New York Times reported he sexually harassed at least seven women at the network.

Smerconish said that he tried to be more fair, for which O'Reilly credited him.

The webcast, posted on his website, was only made available to paid subscribers and will be released to non-paying viewers on Thursday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. On Wednesday, the show debuted a new set, an upgrade from the office where O'Reilly initially broadcast the program. He typically only gives interviews to friendly outlets, such as Glenn Beck's program on "The Blaze".



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