Hackers leak email indicating HBO has agreed to negotiate and pay $250000

HBO Hackers Leak Email From Network That Offers Them $250000

The hackers broke into the cable channel's computer network and have been doling out stolen information for the past several weeks. With the advent of online storage and advancement of internet resources, the biggest menace of the digital age has become cyber-crimes.

According to Hollywood Reporter, hackers have leaked a screenshot of an email that shows a senior HBO VP offering the hackers $250,000 as a "bug bounty payment". The email looks like a concise string of a lengthy conversation where negotiation is trying to be done for the retrieval of classified information in return for money. But according to the same AP report, Mr. Smith asked HBO to pay them an amount that supposedly corresponded to the six months of work they spent in creeping into the HBO network. But the HBO executive's missive to the hackers is carefully worded and avoids language that would be construed as paying off the hackers and instead is framed as an offer for a reward for discovering vulnerabilities in HBO's system.

A person familiar with HBO's response to the attack told Reuters that the company sent the email "as a stall tactic" and had never meant to make the $250,000 payment or pay the full $6 million the hackers had demanded to hold off going public with data stolen from HBO. So far, they have released some unaired episodes of HBO content including Ballers and Room 104. The hackers have stated that there are personal details that can prove to be disastrous for the company. "This incident has not deterred us from ensuring HBO continues to do what we do best". Their recent move involved dumping private executive emails and a script from a "Game of Thrones" season 7 episode.

The attack came at a sensitive time for HBO: Parent Time Warner is seeking regulatory approval to sell itself to AT&T Inc (T.N) in an $85.4 billion deal announced in October.



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