Guam fact sheets offer emergency tips for threat from North Korea

Guam fact sheets offer emergency tips for threat from North Korea

Trump continued to exchange pleasantries with Calvo, saying that the governor had "become famous", and suggesting that he would visit the United States territory in the future.

A member of Trump's Republican Party, Calvo insisted during the two men's call that "I have never felt more safe or so confident with you at the helm", according to his office. "We need a president like you, so I'm just so thankful, and I'm glad you're holding the helm, sir".

"The circumstances are unfortunate but this is a good opportunity for us to educate the world about Guam and our culture, about where we are, and who we are", Guam Visitors Bureau marketing director Josh Tyquiengco told AFP.

"This is an attempt on North Korea's part to ratchet things up, but I think the diplomatic channels that President Trump talked about are the ones that we're hoping, along with sanctions, that will work and not a war".

"I can tell you this - tourism, you're going to go up like 10-fold with the expenditure of no money so I congratulate you", he added.

President Donald Trump assured Calvo that Guam is safe during a phone call.

"You've become extremely famous".

"It just looks like a handsome place", Mr Trump said.

Calvo agrees, saying, "It's paradise. We've got 95 per cent occupancy and after all this stuff comes down we're going to have 110 per cent occupancy".

However, Guam's security agency has issued a fact sheet with advice on what residents should do in the event of a nuclear attack.

"If caught outside, do not look at the flash or fireball - It can blind you".

The Government has instructed residents to be proactive and create emergency supply kits, a family emergency plan and a list of concrete shelters in their vicinity.

"The U.S. President at [golf] links again let out a load of nonsense about 'fire and fury, ' failing to grasp the ongoing grave situation", a commander of the North Korean army said, as reported by CNN. "They should have had me eight years ago, or somebody with my thought process".

"We are the best in the world by a factor of five", he says.

"I wish there would be less partisanship up there, this is a time of threats to the United States", said Calvo.



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