Google Instant Apps rolled out to 500 million Android devices

Google Instant Apps rolled out to 500 million Android devices

Android O has been in developer beta for a while, and the final version is expected to launch soon. "Android O is touching down to Earth with the total solar eclipse", the site says, "bringing some super new (sweet) powers!"

While most of the U.S. will be staring into the sky watching the first total solar eclipse in years, Google will be gearing up to livestream the final unveiling of Android O.

In typical Google fashion, there is nothing obvious in the Android O countdown teaser that would indicate what the next version of Android would be called... or is there? And it seems like Google is most likely to name Android 8.0 as Android Oreo. Download the file (because you can on Google+), and you can find its name to be "Orbit_Teaser_0818.mp4". But now, the US-based firm has finally announced that 500 million devices will now support the new novel feature. In a bid to improve its overall performance and expand the battery life, Google is clamping down on unnecessary background apps. The video, which has since been deleted, was a teaser trailer for the release date of Android O on August 21, during the impending solar eclipse.

Android O - the gen-next Android Operating System has been awaited for quite a while now. Just like the other Google events, people all over the world will be able to witness the event via live stream.

Google on Thursday said that its Android Instant Apps can now be accessed on 50 crore devices globally.

To enable Instant Apps, go to the Google settings and under "Services" tap on 'Instant Apps'. Google Stops the Android Nougat Update because of the Google Nexus 6 users complaints about the issues in the update.



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