Google adds autoplaying videos in search results on Android

"21_id97189" class="local_link" >Android event for August 21 where we're expecting the search giant to release the new version of its mobile platform.

In a statement released to the press, Google disclosed that Android O is landing on the Earth with the #Total Solar Eclipse, which will hit the U.S. shores on August 21. Google plans to have a live stream from NY, which will start at 2.40 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is around 12.10 AM for India. To enable previews on mobile networks or to opt out of this feature, visit the settings menu within the Google app or settings for Android Chrome. Read on to learn more about the new Video Previews and what this new feature means for you on Android.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode: This feature will allow users to continue watching videos while working with other apps.

The new Android O helps users to create adaptive icons, which will be exclusively designed to integrate seamlessly with the user interface of the device.

Another best feature of Android O - Background Limits which extend the battery life. The dot will appear only for unread notification. Just press the unread notification for a long and then a bubble pop-up will appear as a notification. Moreover, the new version will bring some super sweet powers, which will be new and refreshing. This feature looks similar on iOS.

The new version will be available this summer.

Google has a series of Pixel devices that offers Stock Android experience, but they are too pricey that an average person can't even think about them.

The Google search results page is known for being pretty clean, so this new Video Previews feature could take some getting used to. The first smartphone to come pre-loaded with Android O would be none other than the Pixel 2, which we hope will be announced sometime in September.



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