Game of Thrones teasers for season 7, episode 5

Game of Thrones Recap: Dragons, Cave Paintings & More Questions Than Answers

Betrayal is a strong word, but as events heat up (metaphorically and literally) in Game of Thrones' penultimate season, the likelihood of anyone in The Known World being double-crossed is increasing.

Game of Thrones fans were in for a treat with season seven's momentous fourth episode, titled The Spoils of War. Tyrion Lannister will arrange to meet with him with the help of Bronn (Jerome Flynn) and Davos (Liam Cunningham). It's looking all happy and celebratory, but if you know the show, you're probably aware that they are not all that big on happy endings. If this is one of them, it could have drastic consequences. The skull of Meraxes was sent back to King's Landing as a warning, where it now serves as target practice. Basically, it could be either of them but more likely Varys 'cause... well, his history is kinda hard to ignore.

There is a suggestion that the dragons do know Targaryens and their kin in the books.

Over the course of the Dance of the Dragons, most dragons weren't killed by humans but other dragons. What made this sequence stand out is that, for the first time since Blackwater, this was a Game of Thrones battle without a clear rooting interest. Christ, how many times has that phrase been used this season?

Or someone who works for her will.

Rodgers clearly is more than just a casual fan, and to be honest, this theory isn't insane - although he has it a little backward.

What does this mean for him? Speaking of Jon, Ned Stark's bastard had a reunion of his own in Sunday's episode, coming face to face with Theon Greyjoy as the Ironborn returned to Dragonstone.

There are a couple other dragon takedowns that happened during the Dance of the Dragons that are worth noting. This is a much larger dragon. Part of her clearly wants to head straight to the Red Keep and burn it all down; with each setback, her patience with her advisers' more cautious plans has grown thin.

With Joffrey and Tommen dead, the last "Baratheons" (actually the product of incest between Cersei and Jaime Lannister, but passed off as such), House Baratheon is extinct at this point, unless Gendry makes his parentage public and attempts to revive it. Then again, if that doesn't pan out, enjoy the short remainder of your cruise aboard a flammable wooden ship. So, the big battle against the Night's King will begin soon.



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