'Game of Thrones' battle even crazier from behind the scenes

Chaos Is a Ladder Littlefinger Can't Climb With Bran Stark Around

We can only imagine what else might be coming up, either in Season 7 or the final one to come that wraps everything up.

Judging by that title, as critical as what we do see here is what we don't see: the Wall, the White Walkers or anything involving the North. And will Tyrion regain the confidence of Daenerys? I think there absolutely is a political storyline that's really important, which is Jon desperately trying to convince Daenerys and everyone else that the threat that is more important than who is fighting for the Iron Throne is the fight for humanity, and that this real, unsafe force is heading for them all. Based on his warm clothing he looks like he might be ready to head back home.

Varys in the war room at Dragonstone where he's trying to convince Tyrion that he needs to talk to Dany and let her know she's flying off the deep end with her "burn them all" mentality and battle philosophy. The last we saw Grey Worm, he was standing on the ramparts of Casterly Rock watching their fleet get destroyed. Varys seems anxious. At least there's wine! I'd need a drink after that too. Considering Tyrion will make it all the way back from Blackwater Rush to Dragonstone she will have certainly heard what happened to her brother and army. She embraces her sister, Sansa (Sophie Turner), who is dubious about her "list" of names until see-it-all tree god man Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) mentions that Cersei is on the list.

They also had people stand on real horses and charge forward, which is why it looks so real on TV.

The internet is once again ablaze with reactions from fans of a Song of Ice and Fire after last night's spectacular episode of GoT.

We'll (hopefully) find out soon enough if this theory is correct, and if Rodgers can add another win to his résumé.

However, we can't say much about it because there are chances that Nikolaj Coster-Walda may be detracting movie buffs by giving them false hints. We obviously don't know this for sure but we thought we might warn you anyway. just in case.



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