Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition May Come To The Swith

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While claims that the PC version of Final Fantasy XV would take up 170 GB of hard drive space turned out to be a "communications mistake", we do know that the game is getting mod support. While it looks like the original Final Fantasy XV might not come to the Nintendo Switch there is a chance that the newly announced Pocket Edition of the game would. With our technical partnership and joint-development with NVidia-I think we managed to convince them that we are serious about the PC market. Players will be able to screenshot 360-degree high-resolution images throughout the game (up to 63360 x 35640), and also play in first-person perspective.

Tabata also added that having such explicit content is not really a good thing, but leaving the people to decide on the basis of their moral sense is want he believes won't hamper their freedom.

Gamescom has already revealed to us that Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC next year, and we reported on some leaked PC specs for the game as well, which indicated that the game would need a mammoth 170GB, however, director Hajime Tabata has cleared all of this up in an interview with Kotaku, revealing that all is not as it appears.

Tabata expressed worry over letting players run wild in his game. Tabata said, "Supporting it will be possible, but considering the spec you'd need to get that level-with native 4K, HDR, and a good 60fps-the machine we've got here couldn't do that at the moment".

Tabata seems committed to bringing Lunafreya into the spotlight in some way, shape, or form, whether it be a special limited quest or a full-blown game. And mods are here to stay. "I certainly think the modding community is going to resonate with that and the idea that you can change it any way they want is exciting".

It is very obvious Final Fantasy 15 will focus on the experience of the individual player.



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