Ex-Russian Ambassador to US Denies Moscow's Interferrence in 2016 US Election

Talks with Michael Flynn were

Sergei Kislyak, whose term as ambassador ended last month, has publicly spoken about his meetings with Michael Flynn during a television panel discussion in Russian Federation on Saturday. The actions were taken in response to Moscow's alleged interference in the U.S. presidential election, which Russian Federation has repeatedly denied.

"We only spoke about the most simple things. but the communication was completely correct, calm, absolutely transparent", Kislyak said on Saturday.

"Any diplomat, Russian or not, works to better understand the policy of a country he's posted to, figure out what the new administration's course is and understand where cooperation is possible", Kislyak said.The former Russian Ambassador to the US fired back at his critics on Saturday stating there was nothing unusual about his contacts with members of President Donald Trump's campaign.

"There are a number of issues which are important for cooperation between Russian Federation and the United States - most of all, terrorism. And that was one of the things we discussed".

"There were no secrets, at least from our side", he said.

"Accusations of spying against him (Kislyak) are shameful for America", he said.

"[Ideology] is not the problem in our relationship", he said.

Mr Kislyak has been at the centre of numerous controversial meetings involving senior Trump administration officials.

Mr Kislyak described the U.S. accusations against him as absurd and "shameful" for the U.S., adding that the official acknowledgement that his phone conversations were bugged was "unhealthy".

The document request was not a formal subpoena, but nevertheless indicates that a criminal investigation, over possible collusion between Trump's campaign team and Moscow, is gaining momentum.

Trump has repeatedly denied allegations that he or members of his staff colluded with Russian Federation to shift the USA election, saying he is the victim of a political "witch hunt" and "fake news".

Mr Sessions has said the pair did not discuss anything related to the campaign, but the Washington Post reported last month that they did indeed discuss campaign-related issues.

Mr Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner also met Mr Kislyak in early December in Trump Tower, with Mr Flynn present.



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