Eclipse Viewing at Indian Cave State Park

What is a solar eclipse

A rare solar eclipse is taking place on August 21 - and America's national parks are getting in on it.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory will provide NASA eclipse glasses for the viewing.

Among the 35 Nebraska State Parks in the path of the total Solar Eclipse is Indian Cave State Park, which is south of Brownville.

That would be like not being able to see the center of any objects you're viewing. Prior to that, the last eclipse to traverse from coast to coast was June 8, 1918.

The museum also plans to open its new "Buffalo in Space" science studio to coincide with the August 21 Great American Solar Eclipse. In Fairfax County the moon will begin to cover the sun at 1:17 p.m. and the eclipse will end at 4:01 p.m. There will be information about the eclipse and other space facts at the all-ages event as well as demonstrations, displays and make-it-yourself eclipse-related activities.

Unfortunately, the AAS also confirmed that seeing the logo of the International Organization for Standardization on a pair of sunglasses will not suffice anymore to see if a solar viewer is safe to use.

Viewing at Burke Lake and Accotink Parks.

Even binoculars and telescopes can magnify the sun's rays and become harmful to the eye, Frantz said.

There will be an indoor projection of the images from a telescope with a solar filter. The sun can damage the camera sensor and harm your eyes.



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