Earth's Doomsday Predicted On This Month's Solar Eclipse by Mysterious Planet "Nibiru"

Earth's Doomsday Predicted On This Month's Solar Eclipse by Mysterious Planet

Earlier this month, Meade in a statement to The Daily Star said that "The Great American Eclipse of 21st August 2017, is a major - massive - harbinger".

As per the conspiracy theorists, when this enormous outsider world collides with Earth, it will blind mankind. "The rising Sun will be darkened and the Moon will not give its light".

"Nibiru is populated by the Anunnaki, an advanced humanoid race, who visited Earth thousands of years to mine gold in Africa". On two occasions, when such doomsday date predictions made were in 2003 and 2012 and we all know nothing really happened.

The upcoming solar eclipse on August 21 is a sign from above of the impending doom, claim fanatical Christian conspiracy theorists.

According to a conspiracy theory, the Great American Total Solar Eclipse will be followed by Earth's destruction because of the alien planet Nibiru, which is also known as Nibiru cataclysm.

Dr. Carlson explained the Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an Internet hoax.

Meade believes that after the eclipse Nibiru could be seen in the skies on 23 September before it collides with Earth. They claim that if Planet X or Nibiru were so close, then they could have been detected a long time ago, this way the collision could have been identified too. Merriam-Webster defines Total Solar Eclipse as an eclipse of the sun in which the moon completely hides the solar surface or photosphere and thereby cuts off all direct rays of sunlight from the observer.

He said there was a stunning numerical coincidence that he calls the "33 Convergence". Meade elaborated by saying, "When the eclipse begins on August 21, the sunrise will be dark, just as Isaiah predicts". These occur about every 33 months.

He added: "This is indeed an fantastic omen and a frightful sign". Michael Parker, who runs blog End of Time Prophecies, said the eclipse would signal the Second Coming of Christ before the Rapture. They say that the coming solar eclipse signifies the start of the apocalypse.

We've all been warned about it time and time again.

Paul Begley, a pastor at the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, Ind., maintains a YouTube channel with more than 190,000 subscribers. From the Bible version to the Mayan numbers, the apocalypse had many versions.

"Images and data from potentially as many as millions of people will be collected and analysed by scientists for years to come", Carrie Black from the US National Science Foundation said last month. Dan McGlaun, who runs the website, wrote: "Total eclipses are so phenomenal and so overpowering and so awesome that some people have ascribed a "super spirituality" to them".

With the technology we have, and with the insane viewership numbers, it is likely to become the most documented solar eclipse humans have ever experienced. Many people have prophesied the end of the world.



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