Drivers Steer Clear of School Buses

PA School Bus Association Reminds Drivers

"We understand all delays can be frustrating, but we work to make the transportation process as smooth as possible for the more than 8,000 students we transport to and from school safely". "Safety is our top priority and we ask everyone to help by leaving a little earlier on your commute, slowing down and watching for buses making passenger stops".

Each bus is equipped with three inside cameras, and a new camera mounted on the windshield pointed toward outside traffic. He said footage captured on bus cameras is reviewed by an automated enforcement official, but due to inclement weather and other factors, motorists may not be issued a citation for the alleged incident based on the video footage, he said.

The system records a clear image of the vehicle passing the bus, as well as a shot of the driver's face and vehicle license tag.

"Our GPS data tells us that Bus 112 was 35 minutes late getting to Oliver Middle School on Friday". "We concentrate our efforts in these areas".

Under state law, it is mandatory that drivers stop for school buses that have their flashing red warning lights activated, whether they are approaching or following the school bus. I'm thankful that we have a veteran group of dedicated bus drivers, technicians and administrators that do their best to keep all our kids safe.

Amanda Dodson may be reached at 336-813-2426. "All they have to do is get a tag number of the vehicle and they can prosecute that way", said Major Mike Parrish, with the Chambers County Sheriff's Office.

The first day of school is set for this Monday, Aug. 28. In an effort to enhance school bus safety, Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey is reinstating the School Bus Riding Program for all six schools districts in Mercer County.



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