Detroit Red Wings to white supremacists: Stop using our logo

Red Wings Condemn Use of Logo at White Nationalist Rally

Several of the right-wing sign holders have held up signs that feature the Detroit Red Wings' logo, which led to the team's statement.

So why is the Detroit Red Wings' storied symbol being used by at least one white nationalist group?

There is a Michigan-based white nationalist group called the Detroit Right Wings that uses a logo almost identical to that of the Red Wings.

In response, the NHL's Detroit Red Wings issued a statement Saturday condemning the bastardized use of their logo in such a hateful way and threatened legal action.

There is a Michigan-based white nationalist group called the Detroit Right Wings, with a similar logo.

The logo has been altered slightly in the center, and the people holding the signs belong to a group from MI called "The Detroit Right Wings". The spokes of the tire that is the center of the logo: the Right Wings logo has them resembling the lightning bolts of the Schutzstaffel - Hitler's SS force. It is not yet evident whether that group was in attendance in Charlottesville.

The group's YouTube Channel has since been taken down, with a notification stating "This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech".

The group says it is a group of "young men" from MI who are, "tired of seeing our people dispossessed". It should be noted that MI was part of the Union in the Civil War, and was not part of the Confederacy. This specific use is directly contrary to the value of inclusiveness that our League prioritizes and champions.



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