Daniel Craig confirms he'll return for one final Bond film

Daniel Craig confirms he'll return for one final Bond film

Daniel Craig promotes the 24th James Bond film "Spectre" in 2015 at Rome's city hall.

Asked if he was returning as Bond, Craig replied: "Yes" before standing up and shaking Colbert's hand with a grin.

Speaking on the Late Show, Craig acknowledged that he'd known "for a couple of months" and admitted having been coy and cagey in interviews earlier in the day, apologising to those he'd been unable to disclose the news to, saying that he'd been saving it for Colbert. "But kind of felt like if I was going to speak the truth I should speak truth to you", Craig said. He added that this will likely be his last Bond film.

The show's host, Stephen Colbert, reminded the actor of an interview, soon after he finished shooting SPECTRE, in which he stated, "I'd rather break this glass and slash my wrists" than reprise the role.

"I'm not allowed to change my mind?"

Bond 25 will be his fifth turn as Bond, and the actor has confirmed it will be his last.

"Instead of saying something with style and grace, I said something really stupid", he said.

However, he indicated that this would be his last outing as Bond.

While Connery undeniably had that ineffable X factor that made him a full-fledged star, I think Craig has the most range of any of the men who have fired that famous Walther PPK. I don't want to give too much away about what he does in this movie because you should all see it for yourselves, but suffice it to say that Craig is a total blast in a role that allows him the freedom to not only smile freely on screen, but occasionally cackle like a madman. Even Gillian Anderson was put forward as the first female Bond.



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