Courts name main suspect in Finland knife attack

Poliisi partioi Turussa

Police believe the attacker deliberately targeted women - six of the injured were also female.

Two women were killed in Friday's attack in the western city of Turku, and eight other people were injured.

The court on Monday named the suspect as Abderrahman Mechkah. The police department then reportedly passed the information into Supo.

The stabbings mounted by an 18-year-old Moroccan on Friday afternoon at two squares in Turku left two Finnish women dead and eight others wounded.

The SUPO said authorities had received over 1,000 tips in recent years similar to the one concerning Mechkah.

It said at the time that it saw an increased risk of an attack committed by Islamic State militants, noting that foreign fighters from Finland had "gained significant positions within IS in particular and have an extensive network of relations in the organisation".

Supo's communications chief Jyri Rantala confirmed the receipt of such information, adding that there had been no mention of a terrorist attack, Yle reported.

The service said Mechkah was not among the around 350 people it monitored in its terrorism prevention program.

The police are conducting an extensive technical investigation and continue to interview the victims and eyewitnesses, an operation they expect will take several days.

Detective Inspector Crista Granroth from the National Bureau of Investigation said police would ask the court to rule on the suspect's detention in a hearing.

Finnish police arrested five people in a Turku apartment on Friday night as part of their investigation. Such practice is common in Finnish courts. The men have denied that they were involved.



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