CNN's Zakaria: Trump North Korea Threats 'The Art of the Bluff'

CNN's Zakaria: Trump North Korea Threats 'The Art of the Bluff'

"So between that and Trump's promise to unleash fire and fury at North Korea, you could be forgiven for your confusion about whether you're listening to the fictional Daenerys Targaryen on "Game of Thrones" or the very real President of the United States".

Trump and Macron spoke over phone and discussed the need to confront the increasingly unsafe situation regarding North Korea's destabilising and escalatory behaviour, the White House said.

Besides, Washington's missile defense systems stationed in the region are challenging the security not only of North Korea but also of Russian Federation and China, he added.

The new YouGov poll suggests that 68% of Americans see North Korea as an enemy.

With no clear guarantees to its security, Gagnon argues the intention by Pyongyang to enhance its military capability, including building a nuclear deterrent, is quite understandable.

Several Twitter users have over the last 24 hours reported Trump's tweet, which threatened violence against North Korea.

Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria are among the latest victims of such policy by the US, Gagnon said.

Defence officials and military analysts say any new conflict with North Korea would likely escalate to the use of nuclear weapons, though it is not likely that there will be an actual conflict. However, 38 North says that was actually a conditional warning from the North. North Korea responded by detailing a plan to fire ballistic missiles toward the usa territory of Guam, home to US military bases.

Yun Sun, a senior associate at the Washington, D.C. -based Stimson Center, argued North Korea would not need intercontinental ballistic missiles to strike South Korea, whose capital sits just 35 miles from the border.

He added, "In this case, what we have is the art of the bluff".



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