Christian child forced into Muslim foster care in London

The document seen by The Times claims the child was'very distressed and claimed she had her Christian cross taken away 

Christian 5-year-old girl was forced to live in Muslim foster homes where nobody spoke English and her care taker took away her Christian cross and encouraged her to learn Arabic, according to the Times Report on Mondays.

A 5-year-old girl in the United Kingdom, a native English speaker, was placed in the foster care of Muslim families, where women wear "niqabs" and "burqas" to cover their faces, according to a report. She needs surroundings in which she'll feel secure and loved.

In a statement, Ms Longfield said: "A child's religious, racial and cultural background should be taken into consideration when they are placed with foster carers".

The Times published an article on Monday after seeing confidential local authority reports, in which a social services supervisor describes the child sobbing and begging not to be returned to one foster carer because "they don't speak English". That's really scary for a young child'.

Apropos of which, did Tower Hamlets' social services make enquiries about the burka-wearing foster-mother's views on homosexuality?

And Philip Hollobone, Tory MP for Kettering, told the Evening Standard: 'The original heritage of the child ought to be respected by the foster family, whatever their own faith happens to be. More recently, she told her mother that "Christmas and Easter are stupid" and that "European women are stupid and alcoholic".

London's Department of Education commented on the story and noted that "when placing a child in a foster home, the local authority must ensure that the placement is the most appropriate way to safeguard the child and support their welfare".

An Ofsted inspection at Tower Hamlets council in April this year has allegedly found "widespread and serious failures in the services provided to children who need help and protection".

"And it looks like in this case... that has not happened...what we need to do is find out whether this is just a one-off example or whether it is wide-spread".

"A child's background is an important consideration in this decision".

It's not the first time Tower Hamlets has been embroiled in scandal.

Additionally, a leaked government report from 2014 suggested that mayor Lutfur Rahman had links to Islamic extremist groups, including one seeking to set up a Sharia state in Europe.

However, the placement of a five-year-old Caucasian and christened girl in Great Britain is stirring additional controversy, as she has been placed in a traditional Arabic-speaking Muslim home.



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