Cedar Hill firefighters warn against Amazon solar eclipse glasses

Library giving out 500 pairs of eclipse glasses on Monday

Portland resident Dan Fellini bought a pack of four solar eclipse glasses with his wife and a friend.

To safely view the eclipse, pick up ISO certified eclipse glasses.

Jim Lattis, director of UW-Madison's Space Place astronomy outreach center, said he is out of glasses he ordered to give away at discussions about the eclipse he has led or participated in.

Some McDonald's locations outside of OR - including Missouri and Washington - are also selling eclipse glasses.

"Even the tiniest sliver, even 1 percent of the surface of the sun is so bright. you could potentially injure your eyes", the American Astronomical Society's Fienberg said.

However, it's essential that anyone planning to watch the eclipse gets proper eye protection.

"If you look up directly, even if there's just a sliver of the sun, the light can go into the back of your eye and burn a hole in what's called the macula".

The partial eclipse is scheduled to start in Brookings at 11:37 a.m.

"The market is being flooded with counterfeits", he said.

"Make sure to help children to use solar filters and eclipse glasses properly", Dr. Ronold Tesch said. "People are being hoodwinked into buying glasses that may not be safe".

To help the community safely view the August 21 eclipse, Yorkshire Eye Clinic is giving away free eclipse glasses on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Astronomical society members will set up telescopes with protective solar filters and will have projectors available so people can see the eclipse up close, the news release said.

More safety tips can be found at aao.org/eye-health/tips-prevention/solar-eclipse-eye-safety. This certification is used to indicate they are safe for viewing the sun.



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