Britney Spears concertgoer arrested after rushing the stage at Las Vegas show

Britney Spears Frightened During Vegas Show as Man Rushes Stage

Britney Spears was rushed off stage by security after a man crashed her show in Las Vegas on Wednesday night (09Aug17).

As the incident occurred, Spears is heard saying: "Is everything okay?"

A security guard swiftly rushed after him, pulling his arms behind his back and walking him towards the wings, but a scuffle ensued and they both ended up on the floor. Fan footage from the concert shows the unidentified man creeping behind the performance while Britney performed at the front of the stage. The stage invader broke free but was quickly tackled to the ground again.

Two other members of the security team then swept a flustered Spears backstage, after she said 'Is something okay? Webb flipped the guard onto the stage and was subdued with the help of some of Spears' dancers. What's going on? What's going on?

Luckily, her background dancers and security guards took the guy down before he got very far.

One fan who was at the concert, Jason Blackhurst, has told that Spears appeared to go "weak at the knees" during the incident.

E! News obtained a statement from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department who confirmed that the man, 37-year-old Jesse Webb, was arrested for trespassing.



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