Britain could be subject to European Court rulings until 2027, it emerges

John Comer president of the Irish Creamery and Milk Suppliers Association doubts a ‘frictionless’ Border could work given French farmers’ opposition to illegal movement of goods

In addition, the paper also sets out a method of ensuring consumer protection by the continuance of oversight on the safety and quality of goods and services.

David Davis is to publish five position papers further setting out Britain's negotiating strategy next week in an attempt to add pace to the talks.

"We have already begun to set out what we would like to see from a future relationship on issues such as customs and are ready to begin a formal dialogue on this and other issues".

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has said the possibility of a hard Brexit - which would mean the United Kingdom leaving the European Union with no ongoing trade deal and therefore defaulting to World Trade Organisation rules - would "not be a disaster", despite most businesses and politicians in Britain warning against it. "As a government we're showing the work we're putting into this".

"There are so many hard topics on the table, hard issues there, that one can not expect all those issues will be solved according to the schedule made in the first place". Brussels officials have called on their United Kingdom counterparts to make progress on other issues - notably, European Union citizens' rights and the post-Brexit bill - before discussions on a free trade agreement can begin.

However, it added that there were "big question marks over its negotiability both within the Article 50 window (the two year period to negotiate Brexit) and in general".

"History is littered with instances of the destructive political consequences of closed markets". However, they would not be able to enter into trade arrangements with countries with lower standards.

For a man whose job is technically to rule on European trade disputes, Judge Carl Baudenbacher is not shy about plunging into global geopolitics.

"Many people believe that disaster will befall us if we do not forge a deal with the European Union", said Jamie Whyte, research director at the IEA.

I think that the process will definitely take more time than we expected at the start of the negotiations.

The U.K. should pursue its own trade policy regardless of "threats" from the European Union, the IEA said.

"The U.K. government's position on goods is a significant improvement upon the EU's current proposal, whose narrow definition would create a severe cliff-edge hitting consumers on both sides of the Channel", said John Foster, director of campaigns at the Confederation for British Industry.

But Britain believes the goods and services sectors are impossible to separate and so wants to discuss them together.

A paper setting out proposals for a future customs relationship with the European Union backs a system that aligns the U.K. approach to remove the need for a U.K. -EU customs border. However, it is unclear how far this will go to convincing European Union negotiators without clear commitments from the United Kingdom in other areas.

It comes following reports that Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, is lobbying his colleagues in the Cabinet to strike future trade deals without the approval of the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales.

"Our team is ready and has been ready the whole month of August and we are now analysing these papers and we look forward to the next negotiating round".

"It was never the expectation that these would be settled by October, but simply that sufficient progress would have been made".



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