Boa constrictor found living in family's attic for years

Florida man finds huge boa constrictor hiding in attic after months of mysterious noises.                       WFLA NBC NEWSCHANNEL

When he tried to find out what was making noise, he was shocked to find out it was a boa constrictor.

Bob van der Herchen recently had the pleasure of discovering a 6-foot boa constrictor living in the attic of his home in Englewood, Florida, rent free.

Bob van der Herchen told WFLA that his son became suspicious over the past few months and wanted to investigate. "And, I could only see about this much of it".

Van der Herchen, said they first made the revelation on July 17 when his son said he suspected the culprit of the errant noises was a snake.

The trapper that removed the snake is looking to find a new home for the boa.

"It was actually bunking in the rafter space right above the Florida room chair where my wife sits", he said. The man estimates the snake had been living in the attic for years. The trapper noticed it had shed skin in the time it had lived in the family's attic and estimated it had been there for up to four years. "Individuals sometimes escape or are released by owners".

"It took three and a half minutes for that snake to move into that rafter was bigger than I expected", van der Herchen told the station.

Bob van der Herchen told WFLA he believes the snake was at one time someone's pet and it probably got into his house by slithering off trees near the home. Finally, van der Herchen found it hiding among insulation.

"Only in Florida!" he said.