Blac Chyna Tries Jackin' Rob's Range Rover During Custody Negotiations

The Kardashians pose for magazine cover to celebrate a decade of their show without Rob

According to witnesses, a visibly agitated Chyna came along, saw the Range Rover, got inside and prepared to hightail it away from the building.

According to insiders, when the incident took place, the estranged pair was fighting over the custody of baby Dream.

The story goes down like this: Rob and BC were at an office building in the Century City area of El Lay on Friday, meeting with their attorneys (Laura Wasser, who reps Rob, and Lisa Bloom, who reps Chyna) when Rob called down to the valet at the end of negotiations to have his vehicle ready for him to leave.

Lisa Bloom, one of the five lawyers representing Blac Chyna denied her client even entered the vehicle but admitted that she had some 'choice of words'.

Her lawyer admitted that her client had some "choice words" for her ex Rob Kardashian after a heated custody hearing last week.

As part of their bitter he said-she said battle, Chyna contemplated legal action against Kardashian, using "revenge porn law" as the basis for her claims.

And it seems like it hasn't taken her long to bounce back from the split!

Sources close to BC tell us she got into an explosive argument Monday night with Mechie over his constant flirting with other women on social media.

The sight of the Range Rover is said to have been a particular sore point for Chyna, 29, as she had returned the Ferrari and a Lamborghini gifts from Rob, 30, after they broke up, while he kept a hold of his vehicular offering.

Blac Chyna also accused Kardashian of domestic abuse.



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