Barcelona attack: Search for missing boy, 7, with United Kingdom links

Chester sends condolences to Barcelona and Cambrils

A seven-year-old Australian boy who became separated from his seriously injured mother in the Barcelona terrorist attack remains missing.

Spanish police have denied reports in local press that dual national British child Julian Cadman has been found alive in hospital following Thursday's terror attack. Please share, especially if you have family or friends in Barcelona. "Please, please share his picture so he can be with his family".

A Sydney mother hospitalised after the Barcelona terror attack is repeatedly asking for her son who has not been seen since a van tore through the tourist district.

Another friend Megan Cameron posted online: "You never know who it may reach over there and anything we can do to help in the effort to locate him and reunite him with his Mum in hospital". "Wishing for the best to Andrew Cadman that he finds Jom and Julian both well", family friend Julie Tuckwell posted on Facebook.

A small number of Britons have reportedly been injured in the Barcelona terror attack.

The police force for Spain's Catalonia region says the five suspects shot and killed in the resort town of Cambrils were carrying bomb belts, which were detonated by the force's bomb squad.

Of the eight Australians impacted by events in Barcelona, Ms Bishop said four were injured, three required consular support and one is unaccounted for.

"A second woman, also from New South Wales, is in a serious condition in hospital".

'We could clearly hear thuds as the vehicle was running into people, and then a short time after that, obviously, several very loud sickening screams from the people involved down at street level, ' he said.

Firearms were removed from the scene and belts they were carrying are being treated as potential explosive devices.

In a statement released on Saturday afternoon, the Catalan police force said: "Neither [are] we were searching [for], nor we have found any lost child in the Barcelona attack".

Fifteen of them are in a critical condition.

An Australian tourist is missing following a deadly terrorist attack in the heart of Barcelona, the government has confirmed.



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