Aston Martin To Go Fully Hybrid By Mid 2020s

Aston Martin DB11 V8

Due to toughening emission standards and potential bans on cars powered exclusively by internal combustion engines, even low-volume exotic marques like Aston Martin are turning to electrification. Furthermore, the concept was advanced in every sense of the word, and it came with F1-style kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) which was there to show that the new model would use the latest available powertrain technology. Saying, "that's why we make our own V12 engine".

Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer, said, "We will be 100 percent hybrid by the middle of the 2020s", while speaking with the Financial Times.

Aston Martin now does not have either hybrid or fully electric cars. France is going even further with plans to ban sales of all cars with combustion engines by 2040. Aston Martin also plans to make the technology optional rather than standard, unlike Volvo. Whereas these will both be exclusive, low number runs, plans of a DBX crossover are also in the works, and it will offer hybrid and electric options on a larger scale.

Aston Martin says it continued its product offensive in the quarter, with the launch of the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 variant of the DB11, which combines a top speed of 187 miles per hour with the most fuel-efficient powertrain on offer by the company.

Aston Martin chief executive Dr. Andy Palmer has announced that the British sports auto brand will electrify its entire product range by the mid 2020s, becoming the latest vehicle manufacturer to pledge a hybrid and all-electric future.

In other Aston Martin news, the Financial Times reports that Aston Martin's mid-engine supercar due in 2020 will likely feature a V-6. "They are our jury and our anchor points to what we want the auto to achieve".

The SUV project was envisioned by Palmer before he took up his role at Aston Martin in 2014 and it was officially kick-started on his fourth day in the job.



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