Asia Minute: Same Sex Marriage Decision Approaching in Australia

Tony Abbott has described his sister’s decision to leave her marriage for a woman as “brave” and “authentic”

Her speech comes in the wake of former prime minister Tony Abbott's heartless attempt to encourage Australians to vote "no" against the same-sex marriage.

"We have, ever since Foundation, been a proud nation, a nation which people migrated to - to the extent that it eventually had to be restricted", she wrote.

"It's a win for the great many people in the community who have all sorts of concerns about this nonbinding, voluntary, postal vote", the Tasmanian MP said in Melbourne.

"This is a vote whose sole aim is to stop the members of this parliament being given a chance to do their job and vote", openly gay Senator Penny Wong told colleagues.

But despite the father-of-two's anger at the matter being put to a postal vote, he implored his fans not to boycott the vote in a typed message at the end of the video.

However it was also announced Wednesday that the postal plebiscite is going to be challenged in the High Court and could be lodged as early as this week.

'I am planning on doing everything in my power to get my say in this plebiscite, ' Lucinda Bayly told AAP.

Marriage equality was based on a broad ideal of equality in an Australia that included everyone, but at present gay and lesbian Australians were excluded.

The conservative Liberal-National coalition past year went to the polls promising to hold a nationwide plebiscite, but the opposition Labor Party, Greens and crossbench senators yesterday rejected the option in the Upper House Senate for the second time.

If the ballot shows support for same-sex marriage, it would still take a subsequent parliamentary bill for the law to change.

The Liberal Party held a crisis meeting late Monday to resolve infighting and rejected a push to allow lawmakers to decide the issue now.

"I feel as a citizen I'm being treated in a second-class way by interposing an arrangement of this kind between the making of the law in parliament, which is where it should be done", he said.

"I want you to know, you are not alone", he said. "I think they should abandon it".

Supporters say it would give ordinary people a voice in a debate dominated by activists.

Dublin man Stephen Dawson, who is environment minister in Western Australia's Labor government, married Dennis Liddelow in December 2013 when same-sex marriage was very briefly legal in the Australian Capital Territory.

POST BACK IN VOGUE: Chiltern's Sheridan Williams will ensure her vote in favour of same-sex marriage makes it to the town's historic mail box, in the event of a postal plebiscite.



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